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Bra shopping is hard. Let us research a fit for you

Stoop, Swoop, and Scoop

Follow these steps to get a great fit.

1. Stoop: Lean forward from the waist, allowing the breast to drop into the cups.
2. Swoop: With the opposite hand, gently bring the breast tissue forward from the back towards your cleavage.
3. Scoop: Scoop your breast tissue in front of and on top of the underwire into the cup.

If there’s fluffing on top, Take your two forefingers and separate the breast tissue, smoothing it back into the cups.

If your nipples are crooked, Just move them where you want them. You are just moving skin at this point, not tissue.

Bra still isn’t fitting? Come down to South Bay Boobology for a new bra!

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