South Bay Boobology

Bra shopping is hard. Let us research a fit for you

Nerdgerie FAQ

Where can I purchase it?

At South Bay Boobology. We will measure you at the store to ensure the product will fit as well as possible.

What if I don’t live close enough?

We can do a Skype measurement session. We need to make sure that you are taking the measurements in the right place. You will need another person and a tape measure to get the best numbers.

Can you do any fandom?

We can as long as there’s fabric or you’re willing to pay for custom artwork/applique work. We want this to be the best bra possible for you.

What’s your size range?

The bras we use now have a range of 28-40 A-K. 42-44 D-G is coming soon.

How long will it take to receive my bra/boxer shorts/skirt?
We estimate 3-4 weeks depending on the availability of the supplies. If it will take longer, we will contact you?