South Bay Boobology

Bra shopping is hard. Let us research a fit for you

Fit Process

This is a picture explanation of how a personal fit at South Bay Boobology works:

1. First measurement is around your chest, under your breast

Under breast measurement

You hold your breast so we can get the tightest measurement

2. Second measurement is across your the widest part of your chest

Over bust measurement

The difference between the measurements determine the cup size.

3. The fitter shows you the available selection on our tablets

Showing the tablets

We can show you pictures of all our inventory

4. The fitter helps you put on the bra to ensure proper fit


The fitter is ensuring the band is parallel to the ground


Part of adjusting is asking how the bra feels

Step 3 and 4 repeat until you have a comfortable bra that suits your needs.

End of a sucessful fit

A bra that fits is a great feeling


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