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Bra shopping is hard. Let us research a fit for you


What does full busted mean?

Full busted is a lingerie industry term for women who have a small chest, but large bustline. Band sizes range from 28-38. At South Bay Boobology, our full busted bras start at a C cup.

What does full figured mean?

Full figured is a term for women who have a large chest, but don’t necessarily have a large bustline. Band sizes are 38 and up. South Bay Boobology’s full figured bras start at an A cup.

What’s the best way to put on a bra?

Check out our “Stoop, Swoop, and Scoop” post.

Where are the bras?

We have them in the storeroom. We can show you our selection on the tablets.

Can I still visit your shop if I’m not a full figured or full busted woman?

Of course you can! At South Bay Boobology we don’t just sale bras. Clothing wise we have panties, slips, shapewear and nightwear in sizes s-3x from Yummie, KnockOut!, Leonisa, CSYM, Shadowline, and TC Shapewear  . You can buy soap and stain removal from Forever New.  Check out the bra accessories from Natural, Braza, Rock em Out, and Fashion Form. There’s something for everybody. We also carry bras in small cups and bands

How long does the fit process take?

Allot 30-45 minutes

Why does it take so long?

It is a hands on process, we won’t sell you a bra that doesn’t fit. It takes a while to figure out what bra is best for your body. Think of it as going to a fancy steakhouse. You want to make sure everything is correct.

Can anyone get fit for a bra?

Yes measure anyone who wants to wear a bra. All we ask is that you are clean and free of powder. We’d like you to be fully healed if you have any sores. 

How can my cup size be a D, G, or H when I usually wear a B or C ?

The cup size is dependent on your band size.  Cup letter comes from the inch difference between your rib cage and your largest part of your breast. A=1 in, B=2 in, C=3 in, D=4 in.

Explains difference between the sizes

Explains difference between the sizes