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Festival Necessities Part Two

Here are some more items that are great to have at an outdoor festival.

Bra Pocket

This is a great way to know your credit card and id is safe and can’t get stolen from your pocket or purse. It attaches to the strap with hooks or the band with velcro.

Bra Pocket

A convenient place for your itemsKnoc

Knock Out! Underwear

Knock Out! is a great product to wear in the heat. It has wicking technology to keep you dry and odor free. The lace band helps keep the product in place. We sale the thong, brief and bikini at the store. Boy short style is coming soon to us.

Black Lacy Thong

Black Lacy Thong

Lilac Lacy Thong

Lilac Lacy Thong

Nude Bikini

Nude Classic Bikini

Charcoal Lacy Brief

Charcoal Lacy Brief

Silicone Nipple Covers

This are great for everyone. They are great for people who decided they don’t want their nipples to show under thin material, would like the chafing to be at a minimum from all the dancing, or decided they don’t want to wear anything on top but want to be legal. Our nipple covers stay on with medical grade adhesive and stay in place all day. Just make sure to not put any sunblock on your nipples so the covers will stick.

These are re-usable and washable nipple covers. They use medical grade adhesive to stay put.

These are re-usable and washable nipple covers. They use medical grade adhesive to stay put.

Use any or all of these products at Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Lightning in a Bottle, Burning Man, or any other outdoor festivals the summer will take you.

Deodorant Wipes Are Awesome

We have some new bra solutions in the store and we are highlighting one today. The Braza Wipe Out Dedorant Eraser. It cost $5 for four sponges. You don’t need water and they are usable for multiple times.


Deodorant stain on bra cup

Deodorant stain on bra cup


Wipe Out sponges

The Product- Wipe Out

Swiping the stain

Swipe vertically and then horizontally over the stain


Stain gone!
Stain gone!

Shapewear Review

We carry two types of shapewear: TC shapewear and Yummy Tummie. I tried items from both companies. At first I didn’t think I could fit into TC because it looks really small. The salesperson told me that the 2XL wasn’t for someone who wears an 18/20 more for someone wearing 10/12. I can honestly say that I’m shocked that we were both wrong. This picture shows the before and after and what item I wore. I picked this dress since it’s clingy and show every lump and bump. I picked the shorts over the body suits for two reasons: 1. Easy to take off  2. I have a short torso and sometimes the all in ones have too much torso space.

First picture is me in 4069 Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer by TC Shapewear. It has silicon in the thighs to keep it in place. It is very firm shapewear but it was comfortable. I was able to sit with no discomfort. The only downside is that it made my butt smaller. This isn’t a huge issue, just something I noticed. One solution to this is to buy 4318 Hi-waist Bike Pant instead. 4318 has the same leg and stomach control but no control on the bottom area. I did have an issue with the back rolling down.


4069 comparison shot

It slimmed my stomach but also my butt

Yummie Tummie makes slips but I wanted a fair comparison to TC Shapewear.  At first I only had the Mary Lou bonded shorties on but the band stops at my belly button. It stayed up but it didn’t hide my back rolls and wouldn’t stay in place when I sat down. I paired it with the Stephanie 2-way Shaping tank. The tank is very soft, doesn’t feel like shapewear at all. I also like that you’re buying two shirts in one- scoop neck on one side and v neck on the other. I think it did a great job in flattening my stomach. Yummie Tummie recommends stepping into the tank. It wasn’t that hard and went over my hips easily. I like how I get a butt lift with the shorties. The Mary Lou shorties didn’t lie flat around my thighs but it wasn’t too bothersome.

Yummie Tummie Stephanie and Mary Lou

Flattens my stomach and lifts my butt.

Here’s a picture of my back. The rolls are gone in both and you can’t see where the shapewear ends in either picture.

Back of the shapewear

Both did a great job


I like both but for different occasions. If I wore the 4069, I would wear it with heels to even out my shape a bit. I could see wearing the Stephanie tank everyday. I like the Mary Lou shorties but I think they might work better for someone who has more of a thigh issue than a midsection issue.

Fit Process

This is a picture explanation of how a personal fit at South Bay Boobology works:

1. First measurement is around your chest, under your breast

Under breast measurement

You hold your breast so we can get the tightest measurement

2. Second measurement is across your the widest part of your chest

Over bust measurement

The difference between the measurements determine the cup size.

3. The fitter shows you the available selection on our tablets

Showing the tablets

We can show you pictures of all our inventory

4. The fitter helps you put on the bra to ensure proper fit


The fitter is ensuring the band is parallel to the ground


Part of adjusting is asking how the bra feels

Step 3 and 4 repeat until you have a comfortable bra that suits your needs.

End of a sucessful fit

A bra that fits is a great feeling