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Festival Necessities Part One

The outdoor festival season in Southern California is starting in a couple of weeks with Coachella. It is usually hot and dusty or rainy and muddy. We have some solutions to help you feel comfortable in the hot and dusty weather.


The Wick’em is a great product to stave off boob sweat. There is a bamboo and synthetic option. Sized from A/B-G/H but it is more about the width of coverage than cup size.

Wick away sweat with Wick'ems

Sweaty underbust is a problem all women face. Most use paper towels to combat this issue but that can be scratchy . Wick’ems are washable and help wick away sweat from the body and into the cotton fill. We sale it in black and nude

Strap Converters

These are great for racerback dresses and shirts. They also help alleviate some of the back and shoulder aches from standing around for hours. We have a couple of types.


These converters by Strapper are a great buy. Each package comes with six colors. They are guaranteed not to break


Strapper Size 1

A converter for wider straps. The Strapper Stretch comes in three sizes to accommodate bra bands up to 54. The size 3 strap can be stretched up to 16 inches.


Outlast products by Yummie by Heather Thompson

Outlast is a great product. It keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

Stephanie Two-way tank is a tank that can be worn as a v-neck or scoop. It comes in basic colors white, black, and nude and in an assortment of bright colors. You can layer this and use it as a camisole or wear it as a tank. It also has light compression in the stomach to keep you looking smooth. It is sized from S/M to 2X/3X.Stephanie2wayvStephanie2wayscoop

Audrey bralette is a wirefree bralette that can be worn as a cute bra top. The straps are fully adjustable. It is sized S/M and L/XL.




Jolene panty is a one size fits most panty. It has flat seems to give a panty free line under clothes.

Joline front Joline bikini back


Stay tuned for part two for more products and accessories.